Fastest most efficient Polycarbonate mulitwall glazing system on market with the versatility of a unique fastening system. Ideal for wide range of applications from Building curtain walling, domed walkways and insulation.
Duroplastic Upanel® system is a new solution for polycarbonate roof applications . The Upanel is connected by either a polycarbonate, aluminum or even a steel connector with its own klik fastening systems and does not need any fastening the through sheet. Upanel can be mounted with seam up or facing down.


  • 100% waterproof
  • Dustproof solution.
  • Upanel® is characterized by low cost
  • Quick and easy installation


Aluminium Upanel

Polycarbonate Upanel

• Roofing
• Curtain walls
• Skylights
• Shed
• Vertical glazing