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Fillers can be used for numerous applications in a wide range of materials .
Duroplastics stocks a wide range of fillers that are ideal for polyesters, epoxies , vinyl esters and polyurethanes.

Fillers can be used to thicken , lighten , make harder , more rigid, more conductiive , less conductive , heavier , etc.
Here are some fillers that Duroplastics supplies.


Description Application
Light Weight Fillers Capolite Light weight plastic spheres . Glass Bubbles. Fly Ash light weight spheres
Heavier Fillers Calcium Carbonate, Talc , Silica , quartz.
Thickeners Aerosil , Cabosil ( fumed Silica )
Pigments Titanum Dioxide , Iron oxides
Specialised Accicular fillers Needlite needle fillers , Glass Flakes, Chopped Fibres
Conductive Metal Fillers Aluminium , Iron filings , Brass , Copper and Bronze

Product Range


Code Description
GB23/KG Glass bubbles light weight fillers
CAPOLITE-250-/KG Capolite Light weight fillers
AEROSIL Aerosil thickener powders
KULU-KG Calcium carbonates
TIOXIDE Titanium Dioxide
Alumina Trihydrate Alumina Trihydrate
MARBLE-xx Marble Dust various sizes
Chopped fibres Chopped fibres 12,25mm

Metal Powders

Code Description
COPPER-KG Copper Powders
BRASS/KG Brass Powders