Flat Acrylic

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Duracryl® a quality extruded acrylic sheet with high gloss finish, good optical clarity and excellent weather resistance.


  • Excellent Optical Clarity

    Clear sheet has excellent optical clarit ysuitable for a wide range of applications. Durocryl® has a 92% light transmission.

  • Easy to Fabricate

    Easy to fabricate with excellent thermoforming capabilities

  • Scratch resistant

    Good scratch resistance, if it does get scratched its a simple proccess of polishing it to remove any scratches.

  • Weather Resistant

    Outstanding weather resistance ;,k

  • UV Resistant

    99% UV protection.

  • Lightweight

    Weight savings over glass

  • Long Life

     Exceptionally long life and resistance to natural ageing

  • 3 Year Guarantee

    Resistant to harsh chemiclas and materials, including serveral mineral and organic acids, oxidising agents and many others.


Duracryl® currently only comes in clear.

Range: Thicknesses: 2mm-4.8mm
Sheet sizes: Width up to 3050mm
Protective covers
• Lighting
• Machinery
• Posters
• Automotive
• Menu boards

• Glazing
• Light fittings
• Decoration
• Furniture
• Interior design projects

• Illuminated
• Non-illuminated

POS & POP displays
• Store fixtures
• 3-Dimensional

A range of diverse and unusual applications
• Sun beds
• Overhead projectors
• Picture framing