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Reinforcements for Composite systems can be any long fibre that has tensile properties superior to that of the resin matrix.
The most common is that of Fibreglass, however many others also exist such as Natural fibres (ell Jute, sisal) also
Carbon Fibres, Nylons, Kevlars (Aramid) and even metal fibres. Mostly Glassfibres will be discussed.

Duroplastic supplies a wide range of glass fibres .
  • Chopped fibres (12 , 16 or 24mm)
  • Yarns for weaving
  • Rovings (Chopper Gun , Filament winding or pultrusion)
  • Woven Roving (450 & 600gmlm2)
  • Glass cloths (195 & 300gm/m2)
  • Stitched cloths (Quads, triax ) For marine and other uses.
  • Resin Infusion fabrics
  • Scrims (80 , 140 & 160 gm/m2) used for mosaic backing,
  • Grinding disc reinforcement and cement/tennis court

Duroplastic's stocks or can source
  • Carbon Fibres ( Plain . Twill )
  • Kevlar or Carbon Kevlar Fabrics
  • S Gjass
  • Dyneema or Spectra Fabrics

Product Range

General Industrial

Code Description Size
FGTISS/M2 Surface Tissues  
FGCMxx/KG Chop Strand Matts 300 and 450gm/m2
FGWRxx/KG Woven Rovings (Uni & Bi Direction) 450 and 600 gm/m2

Stitched Fabrics

Code Description Size
FG-Stitched Wide range of stitched Fabrics  


Code Description Size
FGCSPI/xx Plain weave glass Cloths 140,200,300gm/m2
FGCTWL-xx Twill weave glass cloths 200 gm/m2
CFC-200PL/M2 Carbon Fibre plain weave 200 gm/m2
CFC-200TWL/M2 Carbon Fibre Twill weave 200 gm/m2
Note +-140gm/m2 = 4 oz, +-200gm/m2 = 6oz, +-300gm/m2 = 10oz cloths

Exotics (Index overseas)

Code Description Size
CFC-xx Carbon Tapes  
CFC-xx Carbon Braided cloths