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Duroplastic has been supplying different epoxy systems for over a decade. From special adhesives to WEST (Wood Epoxy Saturation Techniques) and high tech Epoxy systems,with over 25 years of experience , Duroplastic can help supply the correct product for your application.

We have recently became the supplier for Sicomin Epoxy Systems in South Africa.

Product Range

Standard Range

Code Description Application Gel Time Info
DP101/368 Epoxy Fast Hardner 100:15 Fast cure 15 - 20 min info
DP101/319 Epoxy Medium Cure 100:25 Medium Cure Epoxy 30 - 45 min info
DP101/309 Epoxy Slow Cure 100:60 Slower Cure 45 - 65 min info
DP55 Epoxy Paste 1:1 Slow Cure Epoxy Paste 4 hours info
DP38 Epoxy Grouting Thix Grouting Epoxy Paste 3 - 4 hours  

Sicomin Range

Code Description Application Gel Time Info
SR 1280 Sicomin SR 1280 General purpose structural epoxy See Hardners info
SR 1126 Sicomin SR 1126 Fire resistant epoxy laminating system 75 min info
SR 8100 Sicomin SR 8100 Resin transfer processes, such as injection or infusion 100 min info
SC-SRSURF1 Sicomin SR Surfclear 26 Manufacturing of wind-surf boards and surf boards. 20 min info
SR 632 Sicomin SR 632 Wet substrate and underwater application 25 min info
PB 250 Sicomin PB 250 Cellular epoxy foam production system 5 min info