Durobars are clear polycarbonate burglar bars. The See-curity burglar bars are virtually unbreakable and offer you a transparent and unobtrusive security solution for your home.
Durobars are maintenance free, affordable and feature a 5 year guarantee

Durobars were featured in Property24s "Five innovations for easy home living" article.
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  • Excellent Optical Clarity

    Durobars have excellent optical clarity and provide a 92% light transmission.
  • UV Protected

    UV protected on both sides of the Durobar.
  • Weather Resistant

    Suitable for all climates. Durobars are also hail resistant.

  • Impact Resistant

  • do It Yourself

    Easy installation, just follow a few simple steps.

  • 5 Year Guarantee



Click here to download the Durobar installation manual.


1. Unpack all contents and make sure everything is there

2. Measure window frame on inside where Durobars will be installed.

3. Cut Durobars to size using a Hacksaw with a metal blade. (NB) Make sure to use the outside dimensions from the inside of your window frame. Wall to wall gap = Size to cut Durobar.

Ensure bar is cut to correct length

Using 6mm drill bit, supplied in DUROBAR FASTENING KIT, drill 1 hole at each end of required length making sure gap from edge of bar is sufficient, between 10 - 20mm, depending on frame size.

That the hole MUST be larger, (at least 0.5mm play around fastener) this is due to the thermal expansion/contraction of the Durobar strip. This is common for all polycarbonate.
If using Durobar for ballustrades , door bars, animal bars on canopies , or any other use make sure that Durobar can "move" due to thermal expansion.

• Mark on frame where pilot holes are to be drilled, using spirit level to ensure that bar is straight
• Using 2.5mm Drill bit, drill pilot hole into wood or through steel frame
• Take 25mm one way self tapper with nylon capspring and secure Durobar to frame

• Mark on frame where pilot holes are to be drilled, using spiritlevel to ensure that bar is straight.
• Using 6mm drill bit, drill hole through aluminum frame
• Take poprivet and nylon capspring and secure Durobar to frame.

• Cover the screw / rivet end with the nylon covercap in your choice of either white, silver or brown

A few common questions have come to our attention when people ask us about Durobars®. Most are uncertain of the actual safety of these clear burglar bars, and still believe that only metal are the way to secure their homes.

This is definitely not the case!

Our police service, airplane pilots & factory machine operators (among many others) all put their faith in this material. Durobars are manufactured from Durotuf® solid polycarbonate flat sheets which represents a superior glazing solution, particularly when safety or security is of vital importance. With a range including both standard and UV protected options, the material may be chosen to match the exact requirements of each glazing application. If installed correctly, they cannot be bent to allow access, they cannot be pulled from their supports & they will prevent even the most determined intruder.

"It is often asked if our Durobars are approved by insurance companies. We have contacted many insurance companies and asked them for their policies about "Burglar Bars" . As burglar bars can be made by the local DIY man down the street with some soft mild steel or purchased from a company like Expanda – there is NO standard for Burglar Bars.

All the policies state that there should be bars placed over the windows that can be opened. No mention of the type of material or its make up is specified.

We have been marketing Durobars for over 3 years and I am sure there would have been some attempts to get into someone's premises during this time with the home having Durobars. These like all other Burglar bars are mere deterrents . If a robber wants to get in – he will do so . We have however not had a single person contact us to say they never got paid out by an insurance company because Durobars were used and not some mild steel metal bar."

While the burglar bars are clear, will I be stuck with unsightly screw-caps which negate the point of getting elegant burglar bars?
Not at all. Our variety of Durobar sizes, together with the fastening kits are compatible with nearly any window application, making installation a breeze. Unlike many of the caps which come with similar burglar bars, we have a variety of colour caps to choose from that will blend in with your window frame.

How do I clean my Durobars?

Give Durobars an occasional dusting or wipe with a non-abrasive cloth. Do not use chemicals such as thinners or acid-based cleaners to clean them, but a small amount of soap with water (or any non-acid based cleaner) will work perfectly.

Can you provide me with a written guarantee that my Durobars will be protected against loss of impact strength and decolouration over the next five years?

Absolutely. We will always offer you all your documentation, including written guarantees & invoices in a neat folder for your ease of reference.

How long does it take to install Durobars?
It depends on the number of windows you require to be covered. Small jobs may take as little as an hour, while others may take up to a week.

Is installing Durobars a messy process?

Not at all! Unlike working with metal, Durobars are easily and cleanly cut & neatly attached to your windows. As mentioned before, we supply our Durobars in various standard sizes to suit the one closest to your need. Other sizes also available upon request.