diffused Polycarbonate


In this age of eco friendly building with superior products that have a minimal carbon footprint it only makes sense to use a product like Natralite® diffuser polycarb. Natralite® diffuser polycarb is your top of the range Polycarbonate Rooflighting . Favoured by speicifying and roofing professionals for its unique dispersion properties with high light transmission. Natralite carries a 10 year written guarantee.


  • 99.9% UV2 Protection

    Lets the light in while being an effective barrier preventing the infiltration of harmful UV radiation. - UV Protected on both sides -

  • Impact Resistant

    Virtually Unbreakable

  • Fire resistant

    Self extinguishing, stops the spread of flame and excellent fire resistant properties.

  • Weather Resistance Warranty

    Breakage will not occur as a result of hailstones measuring up to 15mm in diameter for a period of 3 years.
    Wide service temperature range (-50°C to 120°C)

  • 10 Year Guarantee

    Our polycarbonate roofing features 10 year Warranty which includes superior performance against loss of light transmission

  • Light and heat transmission

    Nominal 80% light transmission in comparison to Opal at 50%.
    - 100% Light Diffusion - Provides even, soft, natural daylight

  • Sustainable material

    NATRALITE® can be recycled and no waste is created in the production process. NATRALITE® is also heavy metal free. Duroplastic is committed to a sustainable planet.

  • Technologically Advanced Engineering

    Manufactured from nano-dispersion particles
    - Ideal for roof or side cladding -


"Diffused Light" means that all the elements inside a building will get similar amounts of light in all directions, and not only from the top. The working environment will become much more comfortable and efficient.

Tiger Tiger
Diffused Light(notice no hot spots) _________ Direct Light

  • Rooflights for metal roofs
  • Sidelights for metal roofs
  • Ridge lighting for roofing roofs