Sicomin PB 250

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Product Profile

PB products are 2 component epoxy foaming formulations developed for "in situ" low density epoxy foam production. Foam final density is depends only on the choice of the resin. These systems are white but can be coloured by adding any epoxy compatible pigments. PB 250 provides approximately 250 kg/m3 foams. The hardener has only an influence on the curing time and thus the potential thickness of the one shot cast part.

The mixes evolves in two separate steps:
1 Fast expansion of the casting.
2 Slow hardening of the mass.


  • "In Situ" low density foam manufacturing.
  • No hollow microspheres handling.
  • Good adhesion onto all type of materials.
  • PB can be cast onto prepregs and wet epoxy resins curing.
  • Homogeneous density.
  • Very low water absorption.


  • Production of epoxy foam.
  • Casting "in situ" of epoxy core materials.
  • Floating volume.
  • Increase the density of foams and honey comb.
  • Thermal insulation.
  • Machinable bloks for models.
DM 03
Light yellow liquid colour.
Standard Reacivity time