Pour a Foam (DPU200)

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Polyurethane Liquid Foam

DPU200 is a liquid transforming into a rigid foam and is ideal for insulation and shaping. It exhibits good compressive strength. It has a small cell structure, ideal for pouring in areas requiring structural rigidity eg. rudders. Very dense can be used as simulation for wood.


  • High thermal conductivity
  • Dimensionally stable in large temperature ranges
  • Easy mixing ratio


  1. Stir base thoroughly to ensure uniform dispersion of components
  2. Pour within 1 min to ensure maximum viscosity of mix.

    Maximum properties may be achieved after 7 days
  • Hand Pour
Mixing Ratio (Parts by volume)
Note by mass 100:110 as B or ISO is SG higher than A
Rigidity 1kg/min
8 min
1kg free rises up to:
± 5 litres
Foaming time after mixing 1kg/min
1.5 min
Density kg/m3 (Variations +-10%)
Compressive strength with rise kPa
Compressive strength across rise kPa
Closed cell content %
Thermal Conductivity w/m deg C (@ 10degC over 20 variations)

Six months from date of manufacture if kept in closed opaque containers at 20 - 25 Deg C.