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Paste like quick setting glue

Easyplak (can also be called Omnipaste) is a product with many uses due to the range of applications it can be used in. Made for making mother mould shells , it can be used to fix holes in pipes , repair tanks , repair holes in cars for rust or dings , even fix a hole in a boat


  • Excellent resilience to impact
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Thixotropic to 4mm thick
  • Little shrinkage
  • Quick cure and release


  1. Mix A and B together as per mixing ratio. Ensure properly mixed
  2. Use within 3 minutes by screeding on Easyplak
  3. If product is too large for 3min application time then mix up enough to use in 3min and do next mix. Suggested quantity not more than 0.5kg.

NOTE : Quick Mix - do not mix more than can use in 3 min

  • Trowelable
  • Machine dispense
Mixing ratio (Parts by weight)
100 :50
Gel time
2 -39 min
< 0.3%
Release time
1 hour

Six months from date of manufacture if kept in closed opaque containers at 20 - 25 Deg C. The B component contains MDI isocyanate do not leave open will result in contamination due to moisture in atmosphere.

Use Duroplastics 20 for release between Uregel or Easyfle.