Easycast 80

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Liquid Casting Polyurethane

A product with many uses due to the range of applications. Made for making products, prototypes, mixing with fillers as an adhesive, or laminating with it.


  • Excellent resilience to impact
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Low Viscosity
  • Little shrinkage
  • Quick cure and release


  1. Mix A and B together as per mixing ratio. Ensure properly mixed If adding fillers or metal powders ensure that you mix in the fillers before mixing the two products together.
  2. Use within 1 minute of mixing , mix thoroughly for about 20 secounds
  3. One can release product within 10 - 15 minutes

NOTE : Quick Mix - do not mix more than can use in 3 min

  • Pourable
  • Machine dispense
Mixing ratio (Parts by weight)
Gel time
2 -3 min
< 0.15%
Release time
15 min

Six months from date of manufacture if kept in closed opaque containers at 20 - 25 Deg C. The B component contains MDI isocyanate do not leave open will result in contamination due to moisture in atmosphere.

Use Duroplastics 20 for release between Uregel or Easyflex rubbers and Easycast.