Easyflex 35A

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Polyurethane Casting Shore A Rubbers

Easyflex's are a liquid pour shore A elastomer. Easyflex 35 A is a 35 Shore A rubber


  • High elongation
  • Dimensionally stable in large temperature ranges
  • Easy mixing ratio


  1. Stir base thoroughly to ensure uniform dispersion of components
  2. Pour within 1 minute to ensure maximum viscosity of mix

    NOTE : Quick Mix - do not mix more than you can use in 12 min
  • Hand pour
  • Brush in thin film
Mixing ratio (Parts by weight)
Easyflex 35A     100 :50
Gel time
10 - 15 min 
20 Mpa min 
Elongation at break

Six months from date of manufacture if kept in closed opaque containers at 20 - 25 Deg C.
The B component contains MDI isocyanate do not leave open will result in contamination due to moisture in atmosphere.

If using for concrete moulds , do not use diesel or natural oils such as castor oil. Use Duroplastics 20 for sealing patterns or master before pouring Easyflex