Epoxy Fast Hardner ( DP101/368 )

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Fast Curing Epoxy Resin

An all purpose system suitable for g.r.p. laminating and quick setting adhesives.  Can be used as fairing compound when mixed with glass bubbles and/or fillite.  Post curing can be achieved at  40 deg C for 6 hours.  Can be readily modified with filler powders (glass bubbles, colloidal silica, micro balloons, talc) to enhance it's use as a filler and adhesive.  May be pigmented with epoxy pigment.


  • Rapid curing at room temperature
  • High Heat Distortion
  • Good strength without post cure


  • Hand Lay Up
  • Brush on
  • Vacuum Bagging
  • GRP Laminating
  • See above
Mixing ratio (Parts by weight)
100 : 15
Mixing ratio (Parts by volume)
6 : 1
Gel Time 0.5 kg/min
Flexural Strength N/mm2
180 - 195
Deflection Temperature deg C
75 - 90
Thin film set time hrs
Six months from date of manufacture if kept in closed opaque containers at 20 - 25 Deg C.